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2015 July 28
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GH Outdoors Days

2015 June 16
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The North Dakota Game & Fish recognizes Dennis Helland and Skip Pedersen for 30 years of volunteer service as Hunters Education Instructors.

Both of them received plaques for their 30 years of service and also lifetime combination hunting and fishing license.

The plaque states that the ND Game and Fish recognize the recipient for outstanding support as a conservation volunteer.

Pictured below is Dennis’ plaque being presented to his widow Paula Helland and her family, by Skip Pedersen.

Dennis Helland Plaque

Pictured below is Skip Pedersen with his plaque and Karl Helland with Dennis’ plaque.

Skip Pedersen and Karl Helland

2015 Walleye Tournament Results

2015 June 15
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1ST PLACE TONY BUNDY KEN DIDIER WITH PERRY KAPAUNMore pictures on our events page.

Walleye Standings
Place Members Total Prize
1 TONY BUNDY / KEN DIDIER 27.95 $     1,500.00
2 DANA NOOT / NICK NOOT 25.25 $     1,000.00
3 STEVE HIRCHERT / MIKE CRABTREE 23.25 $       900.00
4 BRADEN WENAAS / MATT SORENSON 22.40 $       800.00
5 JASON VASICHEK / DANE CHRISTENSEN 22.15 $       700.00
7 JOHN SADEK / ALEX SADEK 22.00 $       500.00
8 BILL DOLL / JEREMY EGGERS 21.70 $       400.00
9 DARREL WEGNER / CODY WEGNER 21.60 $       350.00
10 JUSTIN DAHL / JON HEIDORN 21.15 $       300.00
11 CASEY DODGSON / LOGAN CLARK 21.10 $       200.00
12 ZANE SEELYE / MISSY SEELYE 20.90 $       200.00
13 WARREN BOUGHTEN / MAHLON BOUGHTON 20.65 $       200.00
14 BRAD TIBKE / DENNIS MORITZ 20.45 $       200.00
15 BUTCH FLATH / DALE ZAUN 20.25 $       200.00
16 BOB ELTON / PERRY KUSS 19.50 $       200.00
17 KEN ENSTAD / TREVOR ENSTAD 19.35 $       200.00
19 JEFF DIFFERDING / JAMIE DIFFERDING 19.20 $       200.00
20 JEFF CONNER / KARI CONNER 19.15 $       200.00
Place Saturday Biggest Walleye Prize
Place Sunday Biggest Walleye Prize
1 TONY BUNDY / KEN DIDIER $     200.00
Place Saturday Biggest Northern Prize
1 JOHN GROVER / DAVID HOOK $     100.00
Place Sunday Biggest Northern Prize

25th Annual Take a Kid Fishing Day

2015 June 10
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The 25TH Annual Take a Kid Fishing Day was held on Saturday,

June 6TH at the Mel Rieman Recreation Area on Lake Ashtabula in conjunction with National Fishing Week. Twenty kids, ages

6 – 10, from the Barnes County area participated in a variety of educational programs and hands on fishing experience.

There were 17 volunteers from 3 different agencies that helped run the event. These agencies were the Corps of Engineers, Barnes County Wildlife Federation, and the Valley City Women of Today.

Activities included a casting game which helped teach the kids proper casting techniques. Prizes were given to the most accurate casters in all 5 age groups. Dillon Thomas, co-op student ranger at the Baldhill Dam Project Office, set up the portable dam to educate the kids on the danger of the current below dams. Kids got to tie themselves a fishing spinner made from scratch, which they proudly kept to show their parents. The spinner station was held in the picnic shelter.

The weather very nice until 11:00 when a strong shower set in. Fifteen minutes later the rain passed and we continued with the event. The kids fished from the docks along the shoreline by the Baldhill Grill & Chill Resort and the Corps courtesy dock. The kids caught a few perch, many smallmouth bass,bullheads, and one pumpkinseed sunfish.

Lunch was provided with hotdogs, chips, pop, and ice cream bars enjoyed by all. All 20 kids received a rod/reel combo, fishing lures, and a take home bag containing different coloring books and water safety material provided by the Corps, NDG&F Dept., and Berkley Tackle. Each kid also got to take home their own tackle box with various tackle included. I especially want to thank the Barnes County Wildlife Federation for sponsoring this event and providing the volunteers and funding to make this event an annual success.


June Newsletter

2015 June 4
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Next Meeting…Wednesday, June 10th, 2015…Ashtabula Crossing
Free burgers for paid members at 6 PM…Meeting at 7 PM

This is the final newsletter for the summer.  Make sure to save it to keep track of upcoming events!

VCSU Scholarship Recipients – Cody Didier from Sanborn, Dereck Durheim from Valley City, Alexis Getzaff from Minot , Hayden Zander from Killdeer all received $250 scholarships to VCSU from the club this year.

VCHS Trap League – It is looking like VCHS will have a trap team in 2016.

Valley City Trap Club – The club is helping to sponsor youth trap shooting again this year.  We donated $2500 to help with the cost of targets and shells.

Road Cleanup- This year we had 38 volunteers and it only took an hour and fifteen minutes to finish cleaning up the ditches.

Summer Derby – The summer derby is June 13 & 14 this year.  We need some more volunteers, if you can help out contact Perry, 490-1797.
Take a Kid Fishing Day – Take a Kid Fishing Day is Saturday June 6th at Mel Rieman Recreation Area on Lake Ashtabula.  If you can help that day from 9 am to Noon, contact Goose, 840-0179.

Hunters Ed – The dates for the June classes will be the 15th, 16th, 18th, 23rd, and 25th.

Gaylon Hansen Youth Day -  Wednesday, August 19th at 5:30 pm.  The event is limited to 30 kids, ages 9 to 18.  Kids need to be registered by August 12.  To registered contact TJ, 490-0929 or Perry, 490-1797, or you can email   TJ is looking for volunteers, if you can help please contact him.  We are going to have the RAP trailer at the event.

Fish Fry – Will be at Dacotah Pavilion, in Chautauqua Park at 6:30 on August 12th.  Please bring a salad or dessert to share.  Bring your own beverage if you would like something other than pop or water.

Pheasant Chicks –The pickup date is June 20th 11 am at Cenex.

Reminder Youth Pheasant Hunt – The youth pheasant hunt has been scheduled for August 29th at the Jim Zerface farm north of Tower City.   Youth need to be 11-14 years of age, have completed hunters safety, and need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Trap Shoot Fun Night – Will be coming up in September.

2015 BCWF Memorial Fund Scholarship Recipients

2015 May 18
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Recipients pictured left to right:
Cody Didier Sanborn, Dereck Durheim Valley City, Alexis Getzaff Minot ,Hayden Zander Killdeer and club president Perry Kapaun

2015 BCWF Scholarship Winners

2015 May 11
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Take a Kid Fishing

May Newsletter

2015 May 7
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Next Meeting…Tuesday, May 12th, 2015…VFW Club

Free burgers for paid members at 6 PM…Meeting at 7 PM

Prairie Waters Education Center in Kathryn- They contacted the club about a donation for equipment and to help register kids for summer camps. The club donated $1200.

Buffalo Sharpshooters- BCWF donated $1500 to them, to help with purchasing ammunition and expenses when they travel to nationals this year. They have 14 kids, ages 10-14 going this year and 12 families.

Lake Road Cleanup – Road cleanup is schedule on Wednesday 4/29, at 5 pm. Meet at the hatchery.  Please contact Perry if you can make it, 490-1797 or email at

VCSU Scholarships – Will be announced at the May meeting.

Faust Park – We are going to plant 8 new apple trees at the park.

Advisory Board Meeting – Most of the discussion at the spring meeting was about deer season and deer survey numbers.

NDWF- North Dakota Wildlife Federation is looking for a rep from BCWF on the state level.

Gaylon Hansen Youth Day – Is going to be Wednesday August 19. TJ is looking for volunteers. We are trying to get the RAP trailer at the event.

Perch Rings – We have new perch rings and we repaired some old ones as well. They have been put out on Lake Ashtabula to help the perch spawn.

Hunters ED – Next class will be in June.

Jr. Archery – They had 57 kids sign up for Jr Archery this year.

Summer Derby – The Derby will be June 13 & 14 this year.

Pheasant Chicks – The pickup date is June 18. There are 1550 pheasant chicks this year. Raisers need to contact Perry.

Reminder Youth Pheasant Hunt – The youth pheasant hunt has been scheduled for August 29th at the Jim Zerface farm north of Tower City.   Youth need to be 11-14 years of age, have completed hunters safety, and need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Road Cleanup

2015 April 9
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Road cleanup is schedule on 4/22, at 5 pm. Meet at the hatchery.  Please contact Perry if you can make it, 490-1797 or email at

2015 Automobile Banquet and Raffle Winners

2015 March 31
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Winners on the Raffle

1st Cash or Vehicle – Trevar Martin, Wheatland

2nd Browning Rifle – Todd Fuglestad, Rogers

3rd Grill – Randy Johnson

Terry Redlin Winners – Lacie Maresh, Nate Cook, Scott Sandvik, Noreen Erickson, Todd Webster, Monte Johnson, Eugene Masse, Tim Schulz, and Chris Scouten

$200 Winners – Shauna Lonski, Gary Will, Vernon Grant, Neil Pederson, and Tory Hart

$100 Winners – Dean Klein, Chris Scouten, Leon Hanson, Karen & Hermen Bryn, and Carsten Karlstad

Board Winners

Rifle – Levi Robertstdahl

9mm Pistol – Jim Tanata

Golden Boy Rifle – Mark Foley

Ruger 22 Pistol – Mark Foley

Shotgun – Wayne Liebersbach

Ruger 22 Mag Rifle – Bob Larson

$1000 Cash Drawings – Jeff Bucholtz, Dennis Maresh, Brian Johnson, and Al Schumacher