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2018 Sheyenne Valley Calling Contest Gun Raffle Results

2018 January 22
by admin
  1. DPMS AR                                  Ron Paul
  2. Windham AR                           Boar Christensen            
  3. Windham AR                           Ron VanBruggen
  4. Diamond Black AR                 Joey Botner
  5. Diamond Black AR                 Jim Haakenson 
  6. Remington 700 7mm             Dave Knutson
  7. Savage Predator 6.5                Rob Kopel
  8. Savage Axis 22-250                 Tim Lockwood
  9. Mossberg 500 12 Ga.               Scott Kaufman
  10. Remington 700 308                Sharon Kluvers
  11. Ruger 7mm-08                         Ron Paul
  12. Winchester Super 12 Ga.        Matt Maresh
  13. Marlin 30-30                            Bob Flath
  14. Springfield 9mm                      Doris Premo
  15. Ruger 10/22                              Bob Christensen

2018 Ice Derby at Sibley

2018 January 16
by admin

We had a good turn out considering the cold weather. We had 9 fish weighed in.

Prize winners below.

1st – Dale Monson – .8 lbs
2nd – Devin Stugelmeyer – .64 lbs
3rd – Jenny Hare – .54

1st – Montana Morely – 3.87 lbs
2nd – Rich Will
3rd – Shawn Erickson

1st – Julie Drader – 2.08 lbs
2nd – Kevin Loibl
3rd – Troy Sorenson

Cash Drawings
$300 – Jenny Hare
$200 – Chad Miller
$100 – Candra Sargent

$350 Cash (Donated by the Landing) – Elizabeth Kronebush

Junior Naturalist Spring Schedule

2018 January 15
by admin


January 23rd – Fish Day

Rhoades Science Center, room 135 at 6pm

February 13th – Nature Arts & Crafts

Rhoades Science Center, room 135 at 6pm.

March 20th – Recycling Day

Rhoades room 135 at 6pm

April 17th – Fishing

Sundstroms Landing, Lake Ashtabula at 4pm.

May 1st – Canoeing

Fish Hatchery at 4pm.

This will be our schedule for the spring 2017 school year. We are super excited for this year’s events and we cannot wait to see the children! Each event will be around an hour to an hour and half depending on the event. Hope to see you there!

Free Ask Before Enter Signs

2018 January 8
by admin

ASK signs sponsored by North Dakota Wildlife Federation, RAP, North Dakota Land Owner-Sportsman Council and United Sportsmen of North Dakota. They are made of a durable aluminum with a reflective coating. Signs are available free of charge to North Dakota Landowners. Please contact your local NDWF affiliated wildlife club, a NDWF regional representative or Kerry at to acquire signs. For additional contact information go to


Some of these signs are out in Barnes County on the Steven’s Ranch

2018 January 8
by admin

27th Coyote Derby Predator Hunt poster

2018 January 8
by admin

January Newsletter

2018 January 8
by admin
Regular Meeting…Wednesday, January 10th…Valley City Eagles Club…7 PM…NO MEAL
The pheasant tail contest will take place before the meeting
Welcome all renewals and new members!
Our benefits include our club newsletter, free burgers at most meetings, and a subscription to North Dakota Outdoors Magazine.
If you have not renewed your membership yet or you would like to sign up you can download a form to send in from our website , by talking to a club officer, or stopping at L&H Shoe Shop.
We had a great turnout at the Membership Drive/Landowner Appreciation Supper!
Gas/Grocery Raffle Winners:
1st Dustin Maasjo Wheatland
2nd Mark Schlevogt Valley City
3rd Ken Salberg Valley City
4th Randy Piatz Valley City
5th Dave Larson Valley City Committee Gun Drawing: Randy Bostrom
Pheasant Tail Contest – The contest will take place before the meeting on the 10th. Make sure to bring the whole tail section in.
Election of Directors – Gary Will chose to retire from the board this year. Levi Robertsdahl was nominated to take his spot.
Deer for the Food Pantry – There were 6.5 deer turned into valley meats for the food pantry this year. We had $650 donated to help fund the program, thank you to everyone that donated.
Deer Hides – Please remember to get your deer hides turned in to Valley Meats or in Wimbledon to get entered into the 50/50 raffle.
Ice Fishing Derby – Will be held on January 13th at Sibley. It looks like we should have good ice this year. If you have a permanent ice house you want to use during the derby please try to put it out on the ice the night before the derby if possible.
Ask Before You Enter Signs – NDWF has metal ask before you enter signs available; please contact Matt Maresh if you are interested in getting some.
NDWF Pickup Banquet –Contact Perry for tickets, they are going fast.
Artificial Garland- We will be doing the perch spawning rings on Ashtabula again this year. Please save any artificial garland you were planning on throwing away for the club.
Hunters Ed – The next class will be in March.
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
1/13……Ice Fishing Derby
1/20……Sheyenne Valley Predator Hunt
2/3…….BCWF Predator Hunt

2017 December 13
by admin

December Newsletter

2017 December 4
by admin

Next Meeting/Christmas Party…Wednesday, December 13th, 2017…Eagles Club

Social 5:30… Hors d’Oeuvres at 6:00…Meeting at 7:00

Please bring a donation for the food pantry

Buck Show – We had a great turn out at the buck show this year.  There were 45 heads scored, 32 in the senior division, 7 in junior division and 6 that were not eligible for the contest.  Seniors Results: 1st Place: Madison Reidman, 2nd Place: Craig Wendt, and 3rd Place: John Skalicky. Juniors Results:   1st Place: Eric Ingstad, 2nd Place: Jerica Kunze, and 3rd Place: Joshua Vachal.

BCWF Banquet – Numbers were up from last year, the club netted $1,000 to $1,500 more. Winners from the banquet Gas – Joey Cruff, Browning Rifle – Steve Robertsdahl, Henry Rifle; Kelly Flath, Pistol; Mike Heim, Scheels Board; Larry Trapp $1,000 Drawing Winners; Barb Anderson & Rod O’Clair Bird Band; Annette Plecity Cooler – Dean Klien Early Bird; Dave Zeller Grand Prize Rifle; Dave Sather

Membership Drive and Landowner Appreciation Supper- Will be January 3th at the Eagles.  Please invite landowners.   

Gas and Grocery Raffle Tickets- Please turn tickets into Perry or bring them with to the Membership Drive.  The drawing will take place that night.

Trap Club – The BCW and VCHS wrote a grant for the trap club.  We received around $17,000 to help update the trap club facilities and equipment which should cover about 75% of the work.

NDWF Convention – The convention will be January 19th through the 21st in Bismarck.  Please contact Perry if you are interested in going.

Pheasant Tail Contest – The pheasant tail contest will take place before the January Meeting.  Please bring in the entire tail section from the pheasant.

BCW Predator Hunt – The hunt will be Saturday February 7th.

NDWF Vehicle/Cash Banquet – The banquet will be held April 8th.  Tickets are available; please contact Perry if you are interested in going. There are only 425 tickets available

Election of Directors- December will be election of club directors, if you are interested in running contact Perry.

Artificial Garland- We will be doing the perch spawning rings on Ashtabula again this year.  Please save any artificial garland you were planning on throwing away for the club.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

1/3……. Membership Drive and Landowner Appreciation Supper

1/10……Pheasant tail contest and January Meeting

1/13……Ice Fishing Derby

1/20……Sheyenne Valley Predator Hunt

2017 Buck Show

2017 November 28
by admin

Senior Division

1 MADISON REIDMAN 158    92.94%
2 CRAIG WENDT 156 5/8 92.13%
3 JOHN SKALICKY 155 5/8 91.54%
4 KEVIN TOUGAS 154 7/8 91.10%
5 TAYLOR PICKAR 151 7/8 89.34%
6 JESSE INSCORE 150 3/8 88.46%
7 JAMES HANNIG 148 7/8 87.57%
8 Bruce Pulkrabek 164 4/8 86.58%
9 DENNIS ROWELL 145 7/8 85.81%
10 ALBERT WITTENBERG 144 6/8 85.15%
11 TIM ANDERSON 144 4/8 85.00%
12 BRADEN WENAAS 140 7/8 82.87%
13 JORDAN EGGERMONT 139 6/8 82.12%
14 TYLER VAN BRUGGEN 139 3/8 81.99%
15 LEVI ROBERTSDAHL 138 3/8 81.40%
16 BRADEN WENAAS 135 4/8 79.71%
17 JORDAN EGGERMONT 133 1/8 78.31%
18 JOE PICKAR 148 6/8 78.29%
19 DEAN BRESKE 131 2/8 77.21%
20 NICK HOFFART 130 2/8 76.62%
21 JESSE BURCHILL 127    74.71%
22 JOEL IVERSON 123 5/8 72.72%
23 NICOLE OLSON 122 5/8 72.13%
24 DALE SATHER 121 7/8 71.69%
25 ANITA KUNZE 121 7/8 71.69%
26 STEPHANIE HORNBACHER 120 1/8 70.66%
27 CAROL BRESKE 115 7/8 68.16%
28 BILL WOODWARK 113 6/8 66.91%
29 KEVIN KAMPHUIS 106 4/8 62.65%
30 JERRY WALKER 104 6/8 55.13%
31 TJ HANSEN 99 6/8 52.50%
32 GARY WALKER 88 1/8 51.84%