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May Newsletter

2017 May 1
by admin

Next Meeting…Wednesday, May 10th at the Eagles Club

Free burgers for paid members at 6 PM…Meeting at 7 PM

If you have not renewed your membership yet or you would like to sign up you can download a form to send in from our website , by talking to a club officer, or by stopping at L&H Shoe Shop.

Our benefits include our club newsletter, free burgers at most meetings, and a subscription to North Dakota Outdoors Magazine.

Big Spenders Banquet & Raffle – We had a good turnout for the banquet.  BCWF netted around $15,000 off of the boards, bird bands, and $1,000 raffles!  The raffle winners are listed on the next page.

BCWF Scholarships – The winners of the $250 scholarships to VCSU for 2017 are Amanda Starr, Drew Jacobson, Zachary Chapman, and Morgan Getzkow.

June Hunters Ed – The June class dates will be the 12th, 13th, 15th 19th, and 22nd.  If you have any questions contact Skip Pederson 845-3211.

March Hunters Ed – The March class had 35 students complete the class, 14 of the students were female.  There were 14 students that got 10% on the test.

Perch Rings – There were 30 perch rings either built or repaired to put into Lake Ashtabula to help with the perch spawn.  The club will need more garland for 2018 rings.

NDWF – There have been 9, $1,000 grants given out to high school trap teams this year.  There is still discussion on hiring an executive director.  The cost for hiring one is estimated to be $90,000.

Trap Club – BCWF will be donating $4,000 to the trap club to help with the cost of maintaining the trap range.

Summer Derby – Applications have been mailed out, if you are interested in fishing the derby and haven’t before contact Perry right away, we are very close to a full field.

Moon Lake – The club put in a new fishing dock at Moon Lake.

Buffalo Sharp Shooters – The club donated $1,000 to help with the cost of going to nationals this year.

Gaylon Hansen Youth Day – The date has been set for August 2nd this year.  The event is open to kids ages 9-18.

Archery Reminder-The Archery Club has a new facility for its members located at 1025 4 Bottle Drive in the northwest industrial park between Drug Plastics and the Barnes County Municipal Airport.  Shooting times are Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 7pm to 9pm.   For more information call Neil Pederson at 840-0173.

Big Spenders Raffle Winners

  1. Choice of the vehicle or $15,00…..Robert Davis, Arthur
    2. Browning Rifle….. Wanda Pabst, Sanborn
    3. Grill…..Sue Plecity, Fargo
    4. Terry Redlin….. Bob Wahlund, West Fargo
    5. Terry Redlin….. Merle Swenson, Sanborn
    6. Terry Redlin…..Dan Taylor, Valley City
    7. Terry Redlin…..Mark Swanberg, Valley City
    8. Terry Redlin…..Maynard Flatt, Valley City
    9. Terry Redlin…..Dale Maasjo, Valley City
    10. Terry Redlin…..Dean Pederson, Valley City
    11. Terry Redlin…..Don Malec, Valley City
    12. Terry Redlin…..Jeanne Burchill, Valley City
    13. Terry Redlin…..Ryan Anderson, Chaffee
    14. $200…..John Froelich, Valley City
    15. $200…..Jamie & Courtney Differding, Fargo
    16. $200…..Jeff Nathan, Valley City
    17. $200…..Sue Kapaun, Valley City
    18. $200…..Gene Masse, New Rockford
    19. $100…..Dave Zeller, Valley City
    20. $100…..Terry Metzger, Valley City
    21. $100…..Craig Wendt, Fargo
    22. $100…..Glen Goehring, Fargo
    23. $100…..Travis Messer, Bismarck

Gun Boards, Bird Bands, and $1,000 Winners

Bird Band…..Remmington 243…..Derrick Ellingson, Harwood
Rifle Board…..Remmington 270…..Staci Hovland, Buffalo
Pistol Board…..22 Pistol…..Joel Christoferson
Pistol Board…..9MM Pistol…..Mona Hennel, Valley City
Rifle Board…..Golden Boy…..Kevin Christensen, Valley City
Shotgun Board…..Over/Under12 Gauge…..Jane Plecity
Grill Board…..Tom Olson, Valley City
Scheels Board…..David Martin, Wheatland
$1,000 Drawing…..Pam Berntson
$1,000 Drawing…..Jerad Enger, Fargo
$1,000 Drawing…..Wayne Liebersbach, Valley City
$1,000 Drawing…..Brian Johnson, Valley City
$1,000 Drawing…..Jim Zerface, Tower City

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